Coral Transplanting with the Adventure Club Phi Phi

Coral Transplanting With The Adventure Club Phi Phi

One of our favourite times of the year happened last month as we were once again able to do some coral transplanting from our coral nursery over to their final home. We were able to extend our Bida Nai Island project this year which was great. Unfortunately, during the 2010 coral bleaching event, the beautiful field of staghorn colonies were wiped out but in 2021 were were able to successfully set up the first coral ranks and begin coral transplanting from our 2020 nursery.

See the coral nursery with the Adventure Club Phi Phi


A Successful Coral Transplanting Trip

So far the coral transplanting has been a success and the corals seem to be taking to their new home very well and enjoying it and hopefully the newly transplanted corals will have the same feeling. Our plan is to return this amazing site back to it’s original splendor over the next few years and with hard work and the amazing effort that our staff and volunteers put in, we’re confident we can do it.

Carefully tending to our artific


Why Are Coral Reefs So Important?

Beside the obvious job a coral reef does of looking amazing under the water and being home to one of the most diverse ecosystems on this planet, they also do many things. These include:

  • Provide a safe and healthy habitat for a large amount of marine life
  • Protect our coastlines from different damaging weather effects like tropical storms
  • Aid in natural carbon and nitrogen fixing
  • They are the main source for many essential nutrients that different marine food chains rely on
  • Help to recycle nutrients

These are just some of the reasons why vast numbers of marine species have made coral reefs their home and why we should always strive to keep our corals healthy and intact. You can find out more about our coral adventures by clicking here.

Helping to re-birth Phi Phi's coral | The Adventure Club


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