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The Day Bollywood Came to Phi Phi Island

Bollywood visits Phi Phi and The Adventure Club was proud to receive Bollywood starlets Rochelle Rao and Mahek Chahal who took part in the Discover Scuba Diving program here on Phi Phi Island recently. To add a twist to our regular diving program they happened to bring along the film crew of the Indian reality show “Life Mein ek Baar” which airs on Fox Traveller. The reality show is following the two girls around Thailand as they take part in the very best that the ‘Land of Smiles’ has to offer and naturally scuba diving is at the top of that list. The Adventure Club was asked to provide a suitable diving program and as beginner divers with only a day to spare, the Discover Scuba Diver program was the best choice.

Never one to miss a photo opportunity ‘Tero’ the dive center manager came aboard with Karen the instructor. Unlike a usual morning, they started their day by being set up with microphones and positioning so that it could all be caught on camera. Strangely enough Karen was wearing a bit more make-up than usual and she had also combed her hair. Mmmm?

Upon hearing “Action” the cameras started rolling and Karen introduced her co-instructor ‘Chris’ and they settled into to giving the DSD briefing. Usually it might be the students that are under the pressure on their first dives but this time round it was the instructors that were looking a little nervy after all it is a bit different when you have a camera in your face while you’re demonstrating how to clear a mask!! However, true to their professionalism and training Chris and Karen quickly settled into their regular routine and both Rochelle and Mahek relaxed to the knowledge that they were in good hands.

The dive went great. Both girls did a fantastic job and showed they were naturals in the water. During the dive they were introduced to some fantastic underwater scenery at Bida Nog Island, and sadly after an hour it was time to come back to the surface. The girls were eager to do some more dives but unfortunately their busy filming schedule meant they were leaving on the next available ferry.

All in all it was a great day and even the rest of the guests on the dive boat got in with the action and had their photos taken with the girls.

A big thank you to Rochelle and Mahek and we look forward to seeing the program air on TV in the near future.

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By Published On: October 15th, 2014Categories: Discover Scuba Diving
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