Scuba Diving at night time on Phi Phi island

Night Diving On Phi Phi Island With The Adventure Club

Koh Phi Phi is certainly an island that can seem like two very different places depending on the time of day. Across the day and through to the night, the reefs will change quite dramatically, but not everyone is aware of the amazing experience that is Night Diving on Phi Phi island with the Adventure Club.

See The Amazing Colours During A Night Dive Tour

As the Night Diving trip leaves at dusk you will see the reef changing before your eyes as the sun begins to descend, the light begins to find and the daytime marine life retires into the night. This is when the colourful, stunning nocturnal organisms start to come to life.

During the day time, the Coral Polyps will appear to be hard and stone-like but as the night descends they begin open up and feed on the nutrients of the sea passing by. Just by flashing your torch across them you will start to notice how much more vibrant the colours appear compared to the day time and without the sunlight shining through to the depths.

Bioluminous Plankton visible during a Night Dive trip with the Adventure Club Phi Phi

It’s another experience in itself to see the beauty created by the Bioluminescent Plankton as the divers disturb the water column and flashes of chemical lights start to be emitted by the tiny Dinoflagellates.

What Can You See While Night Diving With The Adventure Club, Phi Phi

A lot of the reef fish that are easily visible during the day time tend to rest on the see bed or just simply guide, as if completely entranced, during the night time. Some of the brighter-coloured marine life like the Sand Perch, which has bright and colourful stripes, change to a darker colour in the evening, almost as if they’ve slipped into their pajama’s for the night.

Squirrel Fish at night - Night Diving with the Adventure Club, Phi Phi

On the hand hand, species such as the Squirrel Fish that has a dab brown colouring during the day, turns a brilliant red colour at night. The Wrasse and Parrot Fish secrete mucus sacks, enveloping their bodies as if being covered in bubble wrap and giving them added protection.

During a night dive you are far more likely to see cuttlefish and octopus roaming around the water, barracuda’s and moray eels hunting for dinner and other beautiful species like Lobsters, Crabs, Soldier fish, Scorpion fish, Squirrel fish and Groupers. There is such a great selection of marine life to be seen at night time and some of it only comes alive in the darker hours. Anyone that loves to scuba or dive should give night diving a try at least once, we know you’ll be hooked!

How To Go Night Diving On Phi Phi Island

If you’ve never experienced night diving before and wanted to give it a try, take a look at the Adventure Club Night Diving tours we have available and discover a whole new thrilling dive experience. Our fully trained and professional instructors will teach you everything you need to enjoy a safe and exciting night dive trip. These include:

  • Communicating with Dive Lights and Hand Signals
  • Maintaining buddy contact during dives
  • Maintaining proper buoyancy
  • Navigating underwater with a compass

Night Diving with the Adventure Club Phi Phi

Night diving in Phi Phi island is very exciting but it’s quite normal to feel a little anxious when entering the dark waters. Our instructors friendly and professional approach will put all your anxieties at ease and ensure that you have an fantastic time while night diving. It truly is  an amazing way to create brand new and memorable diving memories.

For any information or enquiries about Night Diving on Phi Phi or any of our other exciting dive trips, contact us today.

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