Sea Slug Ecology and ID Course


Sea Slug Ecology and ID Course

At the top of many diver’s bucket lists are those colorful and and fascinating group of marine gastropods known commonly as Nudibranchs. Their biodiversity is an indicator of total reef diversity, and also can be used when assessing changes in the physical or biological composition of marine areas in the face of disturbances. In our course you will learn about the ecology and taxonomy of sea slugs, and about how to conduct scientific surveys to monitor their abundance and diversity.

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Sea Slug Ecology Course

Sea Slug Ecology Course

Duration – 1 day

Duration – 1 day


  • Awarded the Conservation Diver Sea Slug Ecology certificate
A diver takes their first breathes underwater


  • Advanced or equivalent buoyancy appraisal
  • Be 12 years of age or older
  • Demonstrate good diving skills at an Advanced Level and be comfortable with self awareness

2 Lectures

  • Nudibranch Ecology and ID Course Lecture


  • Be able to differentiate between different families of sea slugs using anatomical features
  • Learn various survey methods (endo-benthic, quadrat sampling, roving diver) used to survey for marine invertebrates in the muck.
  • Be familiar with the hierarchical structure of taxonomy (phyla to species).
  • Learn about the differences between morphological and molecular identification for marine invertebrates.
  • Understand the ecological and economic role of sea slugs globally
Conservation Diver Courses


  • Attend the Intro to Marine Ecology Lecture, and the Coral Reef Invertebrates lecture
  • Conduct muck surveys at a minimum of 2 different sites.
    Complete identification of 2 different species (photos) using online and library resources
    Locate and identify a sea slug during an EMP invertebrate survey
    Complete e-Learning


  • Conservation Diver Certificate
  • 1 Lectures
  • 1 dive trips / 2 dives
  • Full diving equipment
  • Lunches, fruit and refreshments
  • Dive boat
A diver takes their first breathes underwater


  • Option 1:
    Evening lectures, 1800h – 2000h: Nudibranch Ecology and ID lecture
    Morning Dive trip: 0700h – 1200h ( 1 Reef Safari Dive + 1 EMP Survey Dive)

  • Option 2:
    Morning, 0900h – 1100h: Nudibranch Ecology and ID lecture
    Afternoon Dive trip: 1200h – 1800h ( 1 Reef Safari Dive + 1 EMP Survey Dive)

A diver takes their first breathes underwater

Duration – 1 days

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Awarded a Conservation Diver Sea Slug Ecology and ID certificate

Course includes 1 lectures

  • Nudibranch Ecology and ID lecture

We allow only four students per instructor. This allows us to maximize the level of training for each individual student and provide a personal experience for each student. Each student is always under the direct supervision of a PADI Scuba Instructor.

A diver takes their first breathes underwater

The Conservation Diver Nudibranch Ecology and ID courses consists of 2 dives.

nudibranch 09

Nudibranch Ecology and Id Course

During the trip we provide refreshments, fruit, water, tea, and coffee. Between the two dives there is a short break to enjoy the scenery, during which we provide a delicious buffet of Thai cuisine. If you have any special dietary needs we can take care of that request during the registration process.

A diver takes their first breathes underwater

BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Tanks and Weights

Not Included

  • Transfer fees (to/ from Phi Phi Island)

  • Photos or videos (available on request)

  • National Park Fees

National Park fees are applied to scuba divers diving within the Had Noppharathara National Park




Day 1

240 thb

600 thb

Day 2

200 thb

200 thb

Day 3

200 thb

200 thb

Day 4*

240 thb

600 thb

*National Park fees renew on the 4th day
**Fees are applied to some snorkeling trips

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Additional information


Courses takes three days

Health for Diving

All persons engaging in scuba diving should be of good health. We strongly recommend students check out the medical statement to ensure they are healthy enough to scuba dive. Persons that do have a history of specific illnesses may not be allowed to dive.

Experience required

Must be Open Water certified to participate in this course and show Advanced level buoyancy skills

National Park Fees

The National Park Fees are not included. The National park fees for this course will be 1,000 baht for 3 days diving. National park fees are paid directly to the national park rangers at the pier before boarding the dive boat

Flying after Diving

Divers must wait at least 18 hours after scuba diving prior to boarding an airplane. Not allowing enough time between the last dive and then going to altitude is potentially dangerous


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