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Shark Watch

Shark Watch


Snorkeling With Black Tip Reef Sharks

The Shark Watch Tour provides visitors with the unique opportunity to experience the majesty of swimming with one of the ocean’s least understood creatures, with nothing more than mask, fins and a wetsuit. Over many years of study, The Adventure Club has developed a technique for providing a unique snorkeling experience to swim with black tip reef sharks, getting as close as possible!

Our guides will teach you about sharks, how to swim with them, and then will personally supervise the guests in the water during the trip.

We know these sharks so well we even offer a money-back guarantee.

PS. This trip may start as early as 06:15h or start as late as 09:00h. The start time is decided according to the height of the tides.

Note: We require at least 3 persons to conduct a snorkeling trip

Want to learn more about sharks? Join our Shark Ecology and Population Studies Course

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Shark Watch

Shark Watch

Duration – 3- 4 hours


  • The Shark Watch is conducted very early in the morning. The earliest start time is at 0615 h. However according to tidal movement the start time might be as late as 0900h. It is important that guests confirm the correct start time the evening before the Shark Watch.
A diver takes their first breathes underwater


  • Anyone can swim with sharks. That’s easy. But our sharks are very timid and can easily be scared away by too many people or by persons that do not know how to behave in the water.
    That is why our guides spend a good 20 minutes explaining a little about how sharks react to us and how we can manage ourselves in the water so that we can get a close as possible.
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  • We allow only seven person per group and only one group at a time. As previously mentioned sharks are very timid. So going with too many people will just scare the sharks away.
  • Going with a small group is more fun. Simple. Enjoy the trip, have a more personal experience.


  • A short 10 minute boat ride out to the area where we see sharks. Guests enter the water with our snorkeling guide, wearing the equipment we provide.
    The sharks are located in very shallow water between 50 cm and 3 meters depth. For the next 90 minutes the guests float and slowly swim in the area observing these sharks as they gracefully swim around us. Guests can leave the water whenever they want as the boat is moored only a short distance away


  • Back at base our snorkeling guides conduct a lecture on sharks. The lecture presents the facts about sharks; species, anatomy, habitat, the role in the marine environment and impacts from over-fishing and what that means as a whole to the balance of ocean.
    The goal is not just to swim with sharks but to learn about them too.
A diver takes their first breathes underwater


  • We are so confidant of our trip we are willing to back it up with a 100% Money-Back guarantee if guests do not see any sharks. So the pressure is all on us.

Duration – 3 to 4 hours

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All trips are guided by our fully trained snorkeling guides.

Prior to departure our snorkeling guide will provide a briefing on how to swim with the sharks. Some understanding on the shark’s abilities to sense us in the water  helps to us get closer to the sharks.
Using a traditional longtail boat it takes about 10 minutes to get out to the main shark area.
Once at the site our snorkeling guide will lead the guests in the water. The sharks never stop swimming so we do need to move from spot to spot. Generally we are in the water for around 90 minutes

On return to the dive center our snorkeling guides will provide a presentation about sharks. This trip is not only about seeing sharks but  learning about and understanding sharks important role as an apex predator in our oceans.

Groups are limited to 7 persons. This allows us to provide a more personal service and improves the chances of seeing lots of sharks.
Mask, snorkel, Fins, Wetsuit, Lifejackets

Not Included

  • Transfer fees (to/ from Phi Phi Island)

  • Photos or videos (available on request)

  • National Park Fees – There are no fees for this program

National Park fees are applied to scuba divers diving within the Had Noppharathara National Park




Day 1

240 thb

600 thb

Day 2

200 thb

200 thb

Day 3

200 thb

200 thb

Day 4*

240 thb

600 thb

*National Park fees renew on the 4th day
**Fees are applied to some snorkeling trips

Additional information


Each trip last between 3 – 4 hours

Distance to Shark Area

The Shark area is 10 minutes away by longtail boat

Health for Snorkeling

All persons engaging in snorkeling should be of good health. We strongly recommend guests check out the medical statement to ensure they are healthy enough to scuba dive. Persons that do have a history of specific illnesses may not be allowed to dive.

Experience required

Guests should have experience snorkeling prior to participating as there can be currents in this area. It is not necessary to be able to swim very well but in order to appreciate the program it is necessary to know how to maneuver in the water.

National Park Fees

There are no national park fees for this program


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