Scuba Diving Equipment - What are the best dive watches and waterproof cameras?

Scuba Diving Equipment Guide To Watches & Cameras

The Right Scuba Diving Equipment Matters

Scuba Diving is truly one of life’s pleasures that we think everyone should try at least once, we know you’ll be hooked immediately. During your dive, you’ll want to make sure you maximise your time underwater and capture the moment. The Adventure Club always has a large stock of quality scuba diving equipment available for our customers, but if you’re not on Phi Phi and still need some quality scuba diving kit then take a look at DIVEIN.

Just like us, DIVEIN has a passion for scuba diving, outdoor life and watersports, and they understand the importance of having quality equipment for dive trips. Two of the “must have” bits of scuba kit for us are Dive Watches and Waterproof Cameras. DIVEIN can help you find the right ones to suit your needs and they’ve put together a couple of guides to help you find the right ones.

What are the best Dive Watches for Scuba Diving?

The Best Dive Watches For Scuba Diving

There are a lot of options when it comes to Dive Watches and the choice isn’t an easy one. Avid watch collectors might just want to add a stylish dive watch to their collection, but for serious scuba dive enthusiasts, you’ll want to know that your watch will not take on water and can also handle underwater pressure. DIVEIN have compiled a list of the 25 best dive watches available in 2022, to suit every budget.

Dive Watch Guide – Click HERE

What are the best waterproof cameras for Scuba Diving?

The Best Waterproof Cameras

There are so many decent waterproof cameras available now and even some smartphones are water resistant to a degree, but when you’re scuba diving at a good depth, you’ll want a camera that can still take clear images so you can capture the moment. Modern tech always comes with add-ons now and Waterproof cameras are no different. DIVEIN have put 20 waterproof cameras to the test to find out which waterproof camera is best for scuba diving.

Waterpoof Camera Guide – Click HERE

Now you’ve seen the kit, it’s time to book your next scuba diving trip with the Adventure Club Phi Phi. Take a look at our dive tours now, and we’ll see you soon!

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