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Traveling to Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island; The national treasure of Thailand and one of the most popular islands due to the infamous Maya Bay. The topography boasts stunning 260 million-year-old karsts vertically exploding from the turquoise waters of the Andaman Ocean.

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With Phi Phi being classed as a 5-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ dive destination there are an abundance of colourful corals and magical marine life for you to explore whether it be for a variety of diving programs, an afternoon or Sunset Plankton Tour, or if you want to get up close with our early morning Shark Watch.

Traveling to Phi Phi Island couldn’t be easier. Every bus terminal, port, and town will have a plethora of Thai people asking ‘Where you go?’ After a bit of bartering these taxi / tuk-tuk / tour operators will help you get to your next destination easily and cheaply.

If you prefer to make your own transfer arrangements then here is our guide to making your travels smoother!

Traveling To Phi Phi Island?

The most popular mode of transport to use when traveling to Phi Phi Island is the passenger ferry. These ferries are usually very large, modern, and comfy with air-conditioning inside and plastic chairs outside on the deck for you to catch a few sun rays and take in the beautiful topography of Thailand. Most have an onboard refreshment shop for you to purchase a cool drink and a snack for the journey.

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Note: It’s easy to get sunburn on the top deck of the ferries if you are not protected – even more so when it is cloudy.

There is only one main pier in Phi Phi Island called Tonsai Pier which all ferries arrive and passengers disembark. This is located in Tonsai Bay and is next to Tonsai Village.

You can choose to get to Phi Phi Island either via Phuket or via Krabi. There are also options to travel from Aonang and also Koh Lanta. But if you are traveling down from Bangkok you need to decide whether you wish to go via Phuket or via Krabi.

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The main departure port for Phi Phi Island from Phuket is Phuket Rassada Pier. The journey time is around 2 hours from Phuket. Add an hour’s drive from the airport to get to Phuket Rassada pier.

There are multiple ferry companies that operate ferries for you to use when traveling to Phi Phi Island from Phuket at different times of the day. The last ferry leaves from at 1500h so make sure you leave enough time for any delays coming through immigration and for the transit time from the airport to and from Phuket.

The Khlong Jilad Pier in Krabi, is only a 25 minute drive from Krabi airport. The journey time is around 90 minutes from Krabi to Phi Phi Island.
There will be plenty of taxis and minibuses at the airport waiting to transfer you to the pier.

The last ferry leaves at 1530h from Krabi pier.

Via Aonang

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If you are traveling to Phi Phi Island from Ao Nang there is only one ferry to Phi Phi in the morning leaving from Nopparathara Pier. If you are staying on nearby Railay Beach there will be a long-tail boat transfer to the ferry which will stop off on the way to Phi Phi Island. This transfer will only take 10 minutes and is included in your ferry ticket price.

Via Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta also has morning and afternoon ferries to Phi Phi from Saladan Pier and the journey will take around 90 minutes. If you stay in Koh Jum Island then a long-tail boat will take you out to sea to meet the Koh Lanta ferry on its way to Phi Phi

Scheduled Speedboats

A new speedboat service now operates to and from the Phi Phi, making traveling to Phi Phi Island easier than ever. These triple engine speedboats can take up to 50 people and provide later scheduled departure time which may suit travelers that have later transit departure times. Being a speedboat also means the journey takes half the time of the ferry – around 50 minutes.


Traveling To Phi Phi Island Suggestions

  1. It is best to get to any pier about 30 minutes before departure to obtain yourself a good seat. Your luggage is usually stored by the staff in an area set out for storage which you can then claim on your way off the boat
  2. Cover up properly if traveling on the open deck of the ferry. It is quite common for travelers to get sunburn en route, as the effects of the sun are deceiving.
  3. If you suffer from seasickness or are not sure of seasickness it is best to seat at the rear of the boat as the effects of the waves are less. Take any seasickness medication at least 30 minutes before departure.Consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Booking Seats

Ferry and transfer tickets can be purchased easily directly at the pier. However, there are many ticket booths and tour operators working from the pier so it can get a little confusing as to where to purchase the correct ticket.

For a piece of mind when traveling to Phi Phi Island, guests can book tickets with us through this website. We will then send you an electronic ticket with directions of what to do when you arrive at the pier.

Find out more about Ferry Tickets: HERE

Upon Arrival

All visitors to the island are required to pay a 20 baht fee which is levied by the local Phi Phi Island council. This money goes towards helping to manage the waste and cleanliness on the island. The fee is paid at the pier ‘in cash’ upon arrival to Phi Phi Island.

Once You Have Arrived

There are no roads on Phi Phi Island and therefore there are no cars, motorbikes or Tuk Tuks. Most hotels are within walking distance from Phi Phi’s main pier. There are usually staff from each hotel/resort waiting at the pier to help their guests and their luggage to their location. Each bellboy will be holding a sign with the name of their resort  or hotel on it.

For more information about traveling to Phi Phi Island, take a look at our Transportation section.

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