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Vegan and Vegetarian food – Where to eat on Phi Phi?

Koh Phi Phi Don has several restaurants where you can eat and most of these restaurants offer also Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. Depending on what you want to eat, here are some Vegan and Vegetarian suggestions if you want to be sure to eat something delicious!

Where To Find Vegan and Vegetarian Food On Phi Phi?

Only Noodles - Phi Phi's hidden delicious Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant

The small “Only noodle”, just two tables and a hidden kitchen, it’s perfect if you want to eat…. noodles! You can choose between pad thai (vegan), rice or big noodles (vegan) and yellow noodles (vegetarian), and decide if you want them with only vegetables or with vegetables and egg. My suggestion is to ask not to put the fish sauce and to ask for extra tofu, then on the table you will find the peanuts to add on top…simply cheap, fresh, tasty!

Tasty Papaya available at Phi Phi Island

If you want to eat thai food Papaya is the restaurant for you! They have a long list of thai food and many vegetarian/vegan options. Here you can find Panang curry, Massamun curry or green curry, that will be served with some rice and with an egg (usually they ask you if you want the egg or not, so don’t worry if you are vegan, you won’t find it on your plate!). On really hot days you can also ask for a wonderful fresh papaya salad (vegan) spicy, not spicy or really spicy…it’s up to you!! Of course here you can find pad thai as well, a little bit different from Only Noodle’s ones, but still tasty! If you are really hungry try the fried rice vegetables (if vegan, ask for no egg), they will serve you a huge portion of fried rice!! Last but not least, this place is famous because they keep cats in the fridge…not to eat them of course, but to offer them a fresh place where to stay when outside it’s too hot!

Brownie Unni's - A Phi Phi Island Restaurant

If you want to try mexican food, Unni’s is the place for you! You can find nachos (big or small portion) with a super special beans sauce and melted mozzarella on top, otherwise they have a veg burrito or double burrito if you are really hungry, filled with jalapeños and beans with some cheddar cheese on top. Thay also offer a vegetarian set, made of tortillas, salad, sauces, beans and cheese, to create your own tortilla; of course you can tell the not to put cheese or mozzarella on your dish if you are vegan. Just for vegetarians…try the desserts, they are amazing! Especially the brownie with ice cream and the cheesecake.

If you want to find a menu that has even more choice on vegan dishes, go to Full Moon Reastaurant, where you can find indian cuisine. They have tasty naan breads, delicious vegetable pakora and samosa, super tasty masala papadum and really a lot of different kinds of currys and dhals.

Do you want to try some italian food? Go to La Mamita! Here you can find really good pizzas (for vegans, just ask not to put mozzarella on it) and you can choose the ingredients you want on it or you can try the vegetarian one! They also have really tasty ravioli and gnocchi, but these are just for vegetarians, as they have egg and ricotta. You can also try their home made fresh pasta, with many different sauces! Here you can also find falafel with hummus and tahin, vegan, full of proteins and really delicious!

Vegan and Vegetarian Fast Food

If you really want to have a burger with french fries go to Acqua restaurant, you will have a veggie burger with pesto sauce and home made French fries!! or try the DMC‘s one, a little bit cheaper but it tastes completely different…more “asiatic” style!

In the end, do you want to have a really fresh, cheap and tasty fruit shake? You can find them everywhere but my suggestion is to try Dow’s ones. Dow is a small restaurant but its shakes are really the best!

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