Why Choose Phi Phi Island

Why Choose Koh Phi Phi in Thailand? Scuba Diving and Activities

Koh Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations which was shot to fame by the movie “The Beach”. But what is it about Koh Phi Phi that make it such a special location? Koh Phi Phi’s crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and laid back vibe make it a hot spot for any tropical traveller and with a range of activities, both underwater and on land, it really does offer something for everyone.

The island is surrounded by a National Marine Park and dive sites are characterised by rugged, coral adorned limestone walls. Vivid soft corals and gorgonian fans are a highlight here combined with colourful shallow coral gardens to explore during your safety stop.

As well as being home to some of Thailand’s most famous dive sites there’s a lot to see and explore on land too, so if you are looking to combine your diving trip with other activities then Koh Phi Phi should be on your bucket list!

Nature Lovers:

If you are a nature lover then take a visit to Monkey Beach – the monkeys here can be very curious and a little bit cheeky but it’s wonderful to see the mothers with their new born babies. Alternatively if scenery is more your thing, don’t miss out on visiting one of the three View Points for a fabulous panorama of the islands, it’s white sand, clear waters and rugged rock cliffs. Or how about hiring a kayak and seeing the islands from the water?

Action Lovers:

As well as scuba diving and snorkeling, why not try rock climbing? Koh Phi Phi boats some incredible cliffs and climbing is available for all levels. You don’t need to scale the cliffs to enjoy the stunning view from the top though – trekking through the lush rainforest is another way to see more of the island and stay active. Trekking is also a great way to see many of the birds, reptiles and butterflies which have made Phi Phi their home.

Food Lovers:

If you would like to cook Thai cuisine at home after your holiday there is no better way to learn all the secret techniques and ingredients of Thai cooking than by joining a Thai cooking class here in Koh Phi Phi!

Snorkeling At Koh Phi Phi:

Book a snorkeling dive trip on Koh Phi Phi with the Adventure Club Phi Phi
Of course our passion is the sea and we are delighted to offer a variety of guided snorkeling trips around Koh Phi Phi. Our trips are conducted on traditional thai longtail boats, so cater for small groups of just 7 people maximum. Our experienced guides provide thorough briefings on how to snorkel and get the most out of your experience, and join you inwater to point out the marine life just below the surface, and tell you more about what you are seeing.

Shark Watch – perhaps our most popular snorkeling trip, we guarantee you will see sharks or you get your money back! This early morning trip meets at around 06:15am and after swimming with blacktip reef sharks includes a talk about sharks, their anatomy, habits and the threats they are facing. A truly educational and adventurous trip (Please note this is the only snorkel trip where you need to have experience swimming or snorkeling)

Phi Phi Ley Tour – this tour takes you to a number of different snorkeling sites around the gorgeous island of Phi Phi Ley, where we hope to show you juvenile blacktip reef sharks and perhaps a hawksbill turtle or 2! Even if you don’t see these you’ll love the corals and variety of fish including moray eels, lobsters, surgeonfish, clownfish (nemos) and needlefish amongst others. The trips also visits a number of bays, such as Pi Ley Bay, Loh Samah and Maya Bay (Maya Bay in high season only),and you’ll pass the famous Viking Cave so don’t forget to ask your guide all about it! This tour leaves twice a day so you can choose whether you prefer the morning or afternoon trip.

Sunset Plankton Trip – this afternoon trip starts the same as the Phi Phi Ley Tour although with slightly less time in each site to allow you to cross the channel in time to watch the sunset over the sea. After sunset you jump back in the water to experience the beauty of bioluminescence, or how plankton glows blue or green at night as you move in the water like tiny fireworks.

Wang Long Tour – this afternoon tour takes you to sites that few others visit, around Phi Phi Don, including Yong Kasem Bay, Nui Bay and its caves and ending inside the narrow and picturesque Wang Long Bay for sunset. (Please note this tour can only be conducted in the high season months – November to May)

Diving at Koh Phi Phi:

Diving in Koh Phi Phi with the Adventure Club Phi Phi
With no shortage of world class dives sites to explore, a trip to Phi Phi would not be complete without some time scuba diving! Whether you want to learn to dive in Phi Phi, advance your skills or explore more challenging sites, Phi Phi won’t disappoint. Here are some of our favourite sites to go scuba diving in Phi Phi:

Bida Nok & Bida Nai – These two limestone islands are breath-taking both above and below the water with stunning walls, pinnacles and shelves home to blacktip reef sharks, sea snakes and hawksbill turtles. Swimthroughs, caves and overhangs also provide hide outs for seahorses and other small critters. The highlight here is the wide range of marine life from moray eels, wrasses, barracuda, leopard sharks, ghost pipefish and scorpion fish camouflaged against the reef.

Phi Phi Ley – When you are scuba diving Phi Phi Ley you’ll see the resident sea turtles and look out for leopard sharks, which are also known to swim through here. You’ll be blown away by the stunning corals and varied marine life on offer.

If you plan to learn to dive in Koh Phi Phi you’ll dive Phi Phi Ley sites during your program due to the easy conditions but even the most seasoned of divers will be captivated by the underwater life here. Take your PADI Open Water in Koh Phi Phi and you’ll see for yourself!

Kled Gaeow Wreck – Sunk in March 2014, the Kled Gaeow (a decommissioned Royal Thai Naval Ship) quickly became home to a host of local marine life including nurse sharks and frogfish. The wreck is a 47 meter long gunship which is now surrounded by huge schools of fish. The top of the wheelhouse sits at just 14 meters under the surface and the wreck bottoms out at 26 meters. Highlights include passing sharks in the blue, schooling barracuda and lionfish which are both huge in numbers and size!

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang – Throughout the high season (November – May) this is a firm favourite for advanced-level divers with vibrant red soft corals, gorgonian fans and vast carpets of colorful anemones. When you are not peering into the corals for critters remember to watch the blue as manta rays are often seen here along with occasional grey reef sharks, leopard sharks and even whale sharks! Above the corals look out for needlefish, hunting barracuda, schools of fusiliers and colourful jewel-like damsel fish darting back and forth.

So are you ready to go scuba diving in Koh Phi Phi? To make a reservation or for more information contact us on info@adventureclubthailand.com.

We are looking forward to diving in Koh Phi Phi with you soon!

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