Why choose the Adventure Club Phi Phi? The leading Dive Company On Phi Phi Island

Why Choose The Adventure Club?

With many dive companies available on Phi Phi, you may ask yourself Why Choose The Adventure Club? The dive centres on Ko Phi Phi operate a price agreement system, meaning that every dive center in the main Tonsai village charges the same price. The concept behind this is to safeguard divers’ safety by ensuring nobody tries to cut prices by cutting something vital to safety such as maintenance, or equipment servicing.

So with price as a deciding factor gone, why should you choose to join us at The Adventure Club?

  • The Adventure Club are the only PADI 5 star IDC center on Phi Phi, so are the highest rated PADI shop here. Expect high standards!
  • The Adventure Club are active in marine conservation projects, and the local community in general. We started and maintain the coral nursery and artificial reef, were consulted and involved in the placement and sinking of the Kled Gaeow Wreck, are members of the Phi Phi Island Conservation and Preservation Group, and ran the Phi Phi Tsunami Dive Camp after the tsunami of 2004.
  • The Adventure Club invented the original and first shark watch trip on Phi Phi, which whilst often imitated, has never been equalled.
  • The Adventure Club operate the Best Dive Boat on the island which was custom-designed for diving.
  • The Adventure Club welcome snorkelers.
  • Our multi-lingual staff – professional, passionate and fun.

The only PADI 5 star IDC center on Phi Phi

The Adventure Club Phi Phi is a certified 5 Star Instructor Development Centre

To achieve this rating The Adventure Club has been judged as excelling in the provision of quality services to divers, presenting a professional image and actively promoting the benefits of recreational scuba diving, snorkeling, and environmental protection. Dive Centres with this level are active in the community and are committed to providing customer satisfaction along with great dive experiences.

This means we provide a full range of PADI scuba diving education programs, regular continuing education programs to ensure divers have the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge, plus offer PADI instructor-level training.

Active In Marine Conservation Projects And The Local Community.

Coral Nursery in Phi Phi Island, ThailandAfter the tsunami of 2004, Andrew Hewett, the owner of Adventure Club was in charge of the project called “Phi Phi Tsunami Dive Camp”. This project cleaned the beaches and reefs which were littered with everything from boats to bungalows. The project even involved Andrew building his own air lift to remove the sand which covered objects so as to be able to surface them.

As this work started to come to an end in 2006 the Phuket Marine Biology Center approached The Adventure Club to consider ideas for installing an floating coral nursery at the Phi Phi Islands. We now manage and carefully maintain the nursery where we grow coral fragments taken form donor colonies at a height that minimises predation and maximises growth opportunities.

Later that same year the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) reached out to us for assistance in erecting, managing and maintaining the Artificial Reef. 

Given his knowledge of the local area, and previous work with the DMCR, Andrew was further consulted and asked to propose the location for the Kled Gaeow Wreck in 2014, taking into account a suitable bottom composition with no other marine growth that would be impacted by the placement.  Following the successful sinking of the Wreck, The Adventure Club were also responsible for arranging and laying the guidelines that assist in locating and safely diving the Wreck.

The Original Shark Watch Snorkel Trip

The Adventure Club Shark Watch tour on Phi Phil Island

The Shark Watch Tour was first introduced on Ko Phi Phi by The Adventure Club back in 1999 so we have been doing this for several years now! We know the area intimately, and it is through years of study, and our understanding of the sharks’ behaviour that we get closer than anyone else to these misunderstood creatures. We are so sure we even offer a money back guarantee.

We are genuinely passionate about blacktip reef sharks and believe that understanding the fragility and importance of sharks is integral to enjoying their natural beauty. A such this snorkel program also includes an informal Shark Awareness presentation, facts about them, the threats they face and what we can do to protect and conserve them.

We Have The Best Dive Boat

We use state of the art Reef Rangers on our dives

Our boat the MV Reef Ranger was designed by divers for divers! Whilst many of the boats used for dive trips around Ko Phi Phi are converted fishing boats, the Reef Ranger is custom-built for diving.

This means plenty of room to gear up, 3 different access points for your giant stride entry to the water, a dry room for your clothes and belongings or in the unlikely event that it rains, 2 western marine toilets and the most experienced, sought-after captain on Ko Phi Phi.

We Welcome Snorkelers

Snorkling at the Adventure Club on Phi Phi IslandThe Adventure Club welcome snorkelers and offer a variety of snorkel trips to please everyone. Our custom snorkel tours are conducted by traditional long tail boat, meaning maximum group sizes of 7 people. All our guides are knowledgeable PADI Instructors who join you inwater, and provide thorough briefings on the equipment and what you are seeing so that you get the most out of your experience. From snorkeling with sharks, to sunsets over the sea, exploring Phi Phi Ley Island or the bioluminescent plankton you will love our snorkel adventures. Alternatively you can join us on our larger dive boat if you prefer!

You can greatly reduce your impact and contribute to local conservation by choosing responsible operators that provide proper education as to how to snorkel properly. All programs provide information about the marine life and techniques on how to improve skills so that we may protect the reefs.

So Why Choose The Adventure Club?

The Adventure Club believes we can make a difference in the opinions and practices of those that join us, by implementing high standards and generating awareness amongst divers and snorkelers. Plan your holiday diving or snorkeling trips with us if sustainable and responsible tourism is important to you, and take some time to appreciate the beauty that this wonderful destination has to offer.

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